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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  August 11, 2009 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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sound production studio. blagojevich was paid for the performance. apparently, he really needed the money. my two little boys had an attitude, too. here is big dude, glenn beck. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. tonight, town halls show americans are really upset with what is happening in the country. why is president obama remaining so quiet on this issue until a little comment today, and that seiu keeps up with the bullying. we will take a look behind the antagonism and we told you about aarp and how they are backing the healthcare plan that likely means rationing for seniors. now let me ask you this, aarp members, who are they teaming up with? if you believe this country is great but that the government is using rules for radicals as a playbook, stand up and come follow me.
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>> you know, we can panic and freak out and stuff, but i had so much pie this weekend, i'm kind of feeling good, you know what i mean? if we could get universal pie, i might be in. hello, america. community organizing is all fun and games until someone starts organizing the community against the community organized government-run healthcare. then, it's time to start breaking some legs, you know what i'm saying? here is the one thing tonight. while the seiu dons their healthcare t-shirts, the tensions keep getting worse and the president is not saying much helpful. how about throwing us a bone here, mr. president? how about a little, hey, you know what? you guys should knock it off. i mean, if he was a parent -- i mean, aren't we going to for the nanny staith here? shouldn't the parent say
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something like, hey, you knock it off, and you, too! be nice or no healthcare for either of you. i'm just saying it might help kwell "it's just a g.o.p. astro astroturf mob kind of thing." oh, he is not saying anything because this is just pretend grassroots people saying something about pretend healthcare. they are not credible like those of us at seiu, you know, regular people that are in the neighborhoods. the other side would never think about running ads on craigslist to buy supporters. no, what would the president -- oh, what is that? why would the president need to tempt talented leaders with, say, 16, or 11 to 16 per hour work for urging grassroots campaigning? because they have true supporters, not just somebody looking to make $325 to $550 a week, or some college kid who would normally be behind a
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cash register. this is so grassroots, it's just happening and spilling out. who is the mob here? dennis gladly, a 38-year-old conservative. he would probably say i don't know, seiu, you know the people when i was handing out don't tread on me flags and i was attacked by a member of the seiu? >> oh, oh. i have to tell you something. first of all, who would have thought that union members might be bumped?
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not me. i am so sick and tired of the media and everybody else equating union thugs like these guys with regular american citizens who have gathered, most of them, for the first time in their lives to be heard. this isn't a bunch of college kids an hippies and union members being pid to protest. these are regular people who see how things are being run in this government, things like, oh, i don't know, chicago politics and they're terrified at the prospects of government-run healthcare, and you know what? even if this were some conservative anti-healthcare group, who cares? do they have less of an opinion than the pro-government-run healthcare group, acorn or seiu? do they? people on both sides, paid, unpaid, groups, individuals, aren't they all americans, all of them, on both sides, that have a right to have their voice heard? and besides, what was it that barack obama's wife said, you know, that he was going to
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make us do? >> barack obama will require you to work. barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed. glenn: then barack obama has to be tickleed pink with all the people being involved and getting informed. yet here is his reaction to the healthcare protests. >> but i don't want the folks who created the mess -- i don't want the folks who create the mess to do a lot of talking. i want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess. i don't mind cleaning up after them, but don't do a lot of talking. glenn: he totally spaced that first part of the first amendment. it only applies to people who agree, not if you disagree. sorry to tell you this, mr. president, but nobody in
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america should shut up, no matter how many seiu union thugs you try to intimidate us with, no, we're not going to zip t america will keep talking, and hopefully on both sides. they'll keep debating, and they'll do it peacefully, because most of the people are not thugs. thugs are on either side should go to jail, but here is what congressman david scott said last week. >> i'm listening to my constituents. these are people who live in the 13th congressional district who vote in this district. that's who i have got to respond to. ok. right. all right. that's everybody with different opinions. glenn: yes. >> so what you have got to understand is that those of you who are here, who have taken and came and hijacked this event that we are dealing with here, this is not a
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healthcare event. you made the choice to come here and to take advantage of this meeting that these people in douglasville worked hard to put together. you chose to came and do it on your own. not a single one of you had the decency to call my office and set up for a meeting. let's do that. do that! glenn: you know what? congressman, how many americans have done that? how many people have called and called and called, only to be treated like swine? you know what? i'm not sure, congressman, if you are aware that not everybody has access to a brand new gulf stream g-550. i mean, it might be tough for the average joe, who makes $129,000 less than you do to swing by the office for a meeting in washington, d.c.
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we hope you understand and accept our offer, instead, to use a commonalty tern tiff to private jets, that are so much better for the environment called the telephone. america, you call your congressman. you call the congressman that represents you. you call your senator right now. there is the house switchboard right there. you call them right now. you tell them we'd like to chat. you call them in your own local area, but you know what? while we're talking to you, congressman, while we're talking to you, senator, we're going to demand some things that i think are pretty reasonable. for instance, number one, we demand that you read the bills you vote on! then you have the courage to tell us exactly where you stand on the bill, none of this "well, i can't tell you." bull crap! you people know exactly what you're going to do. have the courage of your conviction. you know what? we're not going to give up. know that we're not angry
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mobs, but know this, you're a is a servant to the people. maybe you should start acting like it, and then, america, when you're done with that phone call, you make another phone call. put the white house -- there is the white house switchboard number for you. you call them up, and in all cases, always, always be polite. have respect for the office. you demand that the president address these questions -- if it's unamerican to speak out at town halls, like nancy pelosi has charged. is it unamerican? should nancy pelosi have maybe at the bully pulpit of the white house say, excuse me, it's not unamerican, just like i i defended the people who i believe are pinheads back in hollywood, back four years ago. you know what? one of the dixie chicks, they had absolutely a right to say whatever was on their mind. i still think they're pinheads. i ain't going to buy their albums but they had a right to do it. they will boycott nothing. they had a right to do it.
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it's america. you ask the president if he agrees with that. you have a right to say your opinion and not be bullied, not be harassed, not have legs broken. then you ask the president this -- if he, himself, will speak out against the violence from acorn, and seiu, will he do it? will he even admit that anybody has been involved in that? ask him this -- if the people have a right to be frustrated because things seem to be moving so fast and nobody is even reading the bill. is that unreasonable, mr. president? washington, let me tell you something, we are sick of being ridiculed. we are sick of being demeaned and now we are sick of being intimidated. we ain't chicago. chicago is nothing but a bunch of wusses. you ain't going to turn us into chicago, my friend. let me tell you something, in the next few days i'm going to introduce you to something called "you're either in or you're out." it's a basic idea.
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it is a group of playing cards. oh, the jokers we'll leave in the deck. let's just say congress' 52 members, we will give you a list of things you have to do -- simple things that make common sense, and if you don't do them, some people call that 52 pickup, but we ain't going to pick them back up. come election time, we'll just get ourselves a new deck. here is fox news contributor michelle malkin. she is also >> author of a new book called "culture of corruption." how are you, michelle? >> good. how are you, glenn? glenn: i'm really frustrated because i can't believe that this media is actually forgiving all of the things. these are union people. all of the harassment over the years that the unions and acorn have done. this is their m.o. and this is how they got us into this mess in the first place, by going and hassling banks and telling us we're going to teach you a lesson. how is that possible that the media forgets this?
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>> well, it's not forgetting. i think there is a purposeful whitewashing and the narrative that somehow these unions represent blue collar workers. that has never been the case. they have never represented the best interests of their dues-paying, card-carrying members. it has always been about enriching and enhancing and aggrandizing the management, and people need to know what they're up against. you need to know your enemy. the seiu is 1.8 million members strong, and the dues that they have coerced and squeezed from those members have been poured into democrat coffers. andy stern, who was the radical social worker turned union heavy bragged that 80 million dollars of seiu union dues went to the democrats in expenditures and a huge chunk of that directly into obama's campaign treasury. i think it's very interesting, and very important that people know his organizing philosophy. andy stern said this, and i
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quoted it in my book "we prefer to use the power of persuasion, but if that doesn't work, we will use the persuasion of power." that is their m.o. and that is why you see these seiu members clad in purple shirts beating up on innocent americans. glenn: so, michelle, on his blog, on seiu's blog, hosted over 700 healthcare meetings, have thoughtful exchanges prior to the arrival of anti-american shut 'em down crowd. there is no question in my mind, you tell me, what's going through the president's mind and how he thinks he can get away with -- i mean, you know, modern i don't know what you would call them. would it be fair to call them brown shirts? thugs? we have a thugocracy. >> yes, well, they are purple shirts. i think that's what we should call them from now on.
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as i said, it is no surprise until it wasn't until these seiu elements were introduced into the town halls that we saw violence for the first time and the obama administration condoned it, make no mistake about t their silence speaks volumes. h.h.s. secretary, kathleen sebelius, endorsed by the seiu, a darling candidate for them, had a teleconference with seiu officials last week and those officials referred to peaceful americans demonstrating at those town halls as terrorists and she encouraged them to keep doing what they are doing. glenn: michelle, i have personally been targeted -- not a surprise. i am personally targeted by some of these czars, and that's fine. that's fine. i don't really care. i am going to lose every dime i have. i don't care. i know what the truth is. i'm not going to shut up. it amazing me. i saw a video.
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i don't know if i have the video but seiu has now come out -- and i got hassled on the tea parties because when the tea parties started, i said i think they're a mistake. i don't think it's time for it, et cetera. they started. i got bashed by the right saying things, and now look at what seiu has done. this is an seiu video where he calls -- the seiu puts up on the screen "glenn beck's tea baggers." why would they do that, michelle? >> well, of course, you are a demon. you are their villain, and they are trying to tar the entire movement as some sort of top-down organization when,
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in fact, that's a huge projection. it is the seiu in connection with soros money and the entire vast wing left-wing complex at 1825 k street that is organizing all of this. they are sending out memos urging seiu members and this is a quote, ironically enough, to quote, unquote, drown them out. now, excuse me. wasn't it nancy pelosi and steny hoyer who in u.s.a. today accused us of, quote, drowning out the bait and accusing us of being unamerican? where are their words of condemnation for these thugs, these thugs who have a history not only of leveling this kind of intimidation against their corporate enemies, people that have been resisting their union and collective bargaining efforts but also by their own members and they are the ones, the rank and file who know the best and know well just how intimidating and thuggish this management can
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be. glenn: michelle, thank you very much. i appreciate you being on the program and we'll keep watching it. you know, i have to tell you, i think the clock is ticking, gang. i think everybody needs to back away, not from your passions, not from what you believe in. you believe in healthcare, you keep going. you believe it's wrong. then you keep going, but we need to be very, very careful. i fear for the future. somebody is going to do something stupid and it will change the republic overnight, but it is also important thaw get the facts on what is going on. tomorrow, think the unthinkable. tomorrow, think the things that, well, nobody else is talking about. we have a special on the future of healthcare. we're going to look at the words of the people in the administration that are advising the president, people like ezekiel emanuel, rahm emanuel's paper. he wrote a paper on the complete lives system that says healthy people between
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the ages of 15 and 40 should get priority over older and younger people in times of scarcity. gee, we could never have scarcity, not with -- oh, wait a minute. i guess we have a deficit p problem. will they install a death panel like former governor sarah palin fears? i will show you on tomorrow night's broadcast why vigilance is so important now more than ever. please don't miss it tomorrow. now, i think that we have a choice to make. who are you? what do you believe in? we're going to look at choice, next. o@5
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glenn: hello, america. you know, i was thinking this weekend that it's about time we make some choices. i think tough times are coming. remember we talked to ben sherwood. i don'ti don't remember the namf his book, but it was about survivors, and the people who survive are the ones who make the choice in advance before the plane goes down. they go how would i get out if that engine comes on fire? those are the survivors. you need to make decisions on some choices.
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i don't know if you can pick this up, but i write down notes and i wrote this picture down saturday morning. i want to show you what it is. i was thinking this weekend, the time of sitting on the fence is over. it's over. you have to make a choice and you have to make a choice now. our choices are -- and most of us are kind of standing over here. we're on the fence but leaning in this direction. socialism, acorn, oh, what difference does it make? partisan politics, we both play them, republicans and democrats. i have played it myself. we have to make the choice. easy money, yeah, this one doesn't matter, everybody is doing it. easy money, no responsibility. i don't want to be held responsible for those things. no blame. not my kid. and a level playing field. that leads to socialism, my friend, and slavery. here is on the other side. the other side of the fence, consequences. this doesn't sound like fun. consequences, hard work, effort, self-reliance,
2:24 am
honesty, honesty, even to ask the tough questions, to ask the questions that you don't want to ask, even if the answer is something horrid and you don't want that answer. if it's the answer, live with it. honesty with ourselves. fetal position. i wrote this down, because at one point in my life, i was in the fetal position. this was 15 years ago, 16 years ago. i was about to give up. i was in the fetal position, and i decided you know what? no! i am going to fight on. i am going to change my life. the fetal position leads to great rewards. if i hadn't have had that moment, i wouldn't be here. i know a lot of people in america would like, that but i wouldn't be here. and finally, freedom. ask yourself this, my friend, which side of the fence are you on? get off the fence! either firmly be here, or firmly be here, because it's time we made some tough decisions. there's a lot of hard work in
2:25 am
front of us. keith ablow is a psychiatrist, a fox news contributor, and good friend of the program. keith, -- you know, oscar and i were just talking on the break. you know, i've got these people coming out of the woodwork after me. that's fine. i expected it. however, they probably wouldn't think they could get away with it if more people would just take a stand. if more people would stand up and say, you know what? i don't care what you do, i'm not giving up my principles, right? they're trying to scare people to not follow this road. >> that's exactly right, glenn. they have the wrong man in you because you have seen dark moments and decided you know what, i'm keeping my eyes open even in these dark moments. i'm going to see what's happening. that is the antidote here. we need people who are resolute.
2:26 am
we need people who can see what's happening, and speak to it. you know, one way to demoralize a child, if you believe yourself to be a parent, as the government apparently is parent-phiing itself, saying i'm not even going to talk to you and you don't deserve to know why i'm so angry. you're disenfranchised. go to your room. one way to further demoralize that chieltdz who you won't listen to in any way, and you have already said you are a child by saying go to your room and do not speak is to say anytime that someone says you have struck out, your younger sister or your younger brother, it's you, man. i'm not even going to ask. you are to blame. it is not the other person. glenn: i want to ask you this, because i can't come up with a reason, and you're being a psychologist, you might know. i can't come up with any decent reason on why the president has been so silent
2:27 am
on this whole thing. how is it he can come out and say -- or he can have all of his minions come out and say, hey, speaking out against this is unamerican. he can organize all of these things through organizing for healthcare. his website, and yet, he will say, these are just crazy people organized by the right. what is he playing? how does this end? s s in his head? >> well, what i fear is, and again, look, i haven't sat with the president for a 50-minute hour, right? i'm not his therapist, but what i fear is that you must be disenfranchised, look disenfranchised and have said you have fallen out of the system, not be someone who has worked within the system in order to gain his heart. right now, you would think the president, as therapist in chief, would say, boy, there is a lot of anger out there. i have to listen more. i'm missing something. i want to hear t instead,
2:28 am
there is something that is not quite right here, and you're detecting it, glenn, which is that he's not able to do that if you are someone who has worked within the system, for whom it has worked quite well. it seems like he cut himself. he made himself, speaking for the disenfranchised and you must look like the disenfranchised in order to gain his patience and understanding. glenn: do you think he is intentionally being quiet? he is a good chess player, i think. this man is brilliant. he is a good chess player. is it possible that the president, as silent as he is, and ramping up -- it is almost like they're poking with a stick all the time, over and over, poking, poking. on april 15, his spokesperson came out and said he doesn't even know who these tea party are. that's a big poke. is there a possibility that he is staying so quiet so that if, god forbid, something happens on either side. it doesn't matter who does it, that he can step in and say, you know what, i stayed out of
2:29 am
this because i didn't want to make this bad, but you know what? i'm cracking down, because this is enough. do you think there is a possibility of that? >> well, look, you know, we talked about the purple shirts. i'm sorry, i'm wearing a little purple myself, but yes, there is a possibility that anytime you have what seems to be favoriteism breaking as clearly as it it towards one group as opposed to another, you risk that. what is the next step for the parent? it is running upstairs to that kid's room saying you didn't watch your little brother, i didn't do anything, i don't want to hear it. that's where we're at. it's very, very concerning. glenn: it is concerning to me, america, because there are billions and billions, hundreds of billions of dollars at stake. usually people don't let go of that kind of money easily.
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for "special report." now back to glenn. >> hello, america. we will bring you the stories now that the media and government are just not using their head. a section of the healthcare
2:35 am
reform bill bringing better access to people who don't speak english. getting involved, don't be shocked here, community organizations t calls for a study to give three-year grants to improve communication between providers and beneficiaries who are, quote, living in communities where racial and ethnic communities in populations that face language barriers are underserved with respect to such services. gee, this sounds like cloward and piven. maybe somebody should google cloward and piven and read up on it. up to $500,000 grants will go to providers and as the bill reads, priority will be given to, quote, applicants that have developed partnerships with community organizations or with agencies with experience in language access. i know we're all thinking about the same thing when we say community organizations. yeah. the amish. now, when they announce
2:36 am
something that they don't really want to you know, they always announce it on friday. this from last friday. i think this should be talked about on the news. tim geithner asked congress on friday to increase the debt ceiling from $12.1 trillion to more than $12.1 trillion. according to "the wall street journal", secretary geithner, in a letter to congress said the current debt limit could be reached in -- what time is it now? he writes, quote "it is critically important --" sounds like another emergency coming "critically important that congress react before the limit so that citizens an investors here and around the world can remain confidence that the united states will always meet its obligations. that's me. that is raising the debt ceiling that. sure makes me more onti dent. don't worry about our debt or our spending. by the way, he didn't ask for a specific increase, just can
2:37 am
you move the ceiling of our debt, and general electric will pay $50 million to settle fraud charges against the company. the securities and exchange commission alleged that g.e. used improper accounting methods to boost reported earnings, and avoid disclosing. wow, that sounds like enron, doesn't it? bad news. the sec said, quote, g.e. has been bending the accounting rules beyond the breaking point. bending the accounting rules beyond the breaking -- wouldn't that technically then be baking the rules? this was a civil suit, so g.e. didn't have to admit or deny the allegations, and why would they? their c.e.o. is on the president's economic advisory board. wait a minute. if we could just get the people at g.e. to cook the books for the government, my goodness, this will be fantastic, really! it will be just like enron,
2:38 am
except it will be the whole country. wait a minute. weren't the smart ones the whistleblowers? the smart ones blew the whistle so they wouldn't go to jail. maybe it is is a good call. g.e., why don't you blow the whistle from the inside of what is going on in the government? after all, the white house is telling us we should snitch on people with the disinformation act. why should it be any different? g.e., go ahead, do it. by the way, i was talking to michelle malkin during the break. how much will g.e. make on healthcare reform? well, she says it will at least break even on their $6 billion inassessment in healthcare initiatives. bull crap. we'll see how that works out. the white house has added a new website to combat all the crazy rumors surrounding nationalized healthcare, like those crazy rumors that we will address tomorrow night -- euthanasia, healthcare rationing. let me ask you this. i went to the website and it says all the facts on healthcare right here, with the white house logo, and
2:39 am
let's say the company accused of all the horrible business practices like g.e. -- hf, let's just say, what would be the one place you would not trust for independent analysis, you know, if h.f. set up a website, you know what i mean, would you go to h.f. to see all the truth behind all of this? no, neither would i? good thinking, white house, and the bipartisan effort by senator sam brownback and senator mary landrieu. they have introduced the human animal hybrid prohibition act of 2009, which will, quote, ban the creation of animal human hybrids. i didn't even know we needed that, but i think this is the first thing i have seen congress do in a long time that i agree with. apparently they have been making animal human hybrids. we have a picture of -- this is -- we have created a -- is
2:40 am
that the picture? is that the man-pig that everybody has telling me about? this is it, isn't? it? yeah. i don't know, maybe they were harvesting organs. there is the pig tour for you, the man-pig. america, wake up. use your head! >> hey, you at home, you're still watching this? but i thought congressman bob english told you to tururur get. canes and walkers are no longer safe and you know you need a power chair. well you probably also know that with medicare and your supplemental insurance a power chair costs you little or nothing out of pocket. that's true for most power chairs. but a power chair can literally change your life. so how do you make the right choice. just ask these questions. one, is it round? most chairs are big and square so they can get stuck in tight spaces. a round chair maneuvers better. watch how it gets you in and out of small kitchens and baths.
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glenn: you know, the left loves to say that i'm in the bag for the g.o.p., et cetera, et cetera. let me tell you something. i hate both sides equally. there might be some good people in there, but just like i explained in the deck of cards, i'm ready to throw them all out. last thursday, last thursday, bob english, a republican, held a town hall meeting, and
2:45 am
i want you to hear what he said when asked about president obama and me. a republican, telling the crowd, turn glenn beck off. now listen to the reaction of the crowd. you see that people were starting to walk away. there's several videos of this, but he does have an explanation. here he is. so here's he's saying it's only because i'm trading in
2:46 am
fear, that you're following me in fear, that you're not following anybody that can lead you to a better tomorrow. i don't want anybody to follow me. i want you to command listen to your head and then follow your own dictates of the spirit. according to news busters, english called in on the way home after the party where he had met with a dozen or so republican precinct chairman. when asked if he used the word fear mongering, he said "probably, but that's what he does. that's what glenn beck is all about. i don't listen often to glenn beck but when i have, i if's come away just so disappointed with the negativity." well, you know, he has said we have gone to pot as a country. that's what he claims i say, and all is lost and there's no hope. it's not consistent with the america that i know." he goes on to say "the america that glenn beck sees is a place where all should be fearful, thinking our best days are behind us. it sure does sell soap --"
2:47 am
which i don't think i technically do -- "but it sure does a disservice to america." he has watched me a couple of times. i have only seen this guy a couple of times, too. why has he built his whole career on trying to tear me apart? check out this new seiu video. do we have it at the right place yet? this one has been launched to stop the violence on healthcare town halls. oh. what does that say? all right. all right. let me tell you something. america, let me tell you something. you take this off. gee, the republicans, and the seiu, gosh, i must be on to something, because you had just dismissed a crackpot.
2:48 am
you just say, well, he's crazy. why are they spending so much time? and by the way, for anybody who has just watched this show maybe a couple of times and think that i say, you know, there is no hope. we are going to compare what congress and english and seiu hear to what i have actually said,, faster and ear than ever before? well now you can, introducing the new... powerful... lightweight... oreck xl platinum vacuum. you don't vacuum open floors, you vacuum rooms filled with furniture. and the xl platinum makes cleaning under, around, and behind them, fast and easy! so take advantage of this limited time no-payments-no-interest-for-one- full-year offer and order your new oreck xl platinum today!
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ghoich before the break, i played clips of a republican from south carolina. he was telling his town hall audience, when glenn beck comes on, you just turn the television off. he later said that he doesn't listen to me that often, but when he does he believes that i believe that the america that i show every night is a
2:53 am
place where we should be fearful. i'd like now to compare what congress congressman english hears to what i have said. >> introduce yourself to each other and keep this spirit going. whether it leads to a republican, democrat or independent, it doesn't matter, as long as it leads to somebody that has the same kind of value that you and you have, the values that we all have -- honesty, integrity, the truth and the republic. it is about freedom of speech. people all around the country today have been called insane, lunatics, extremists, all because they believe in the fundamental principles that our founding fathers understood, but we are not insane or extremists or anything like that. we are just americans, americans that actually -- and i know this is hard to
2:54 am
believe -- we're americans that actually believe in something, unlike those in the media and washington. these people and people like them all across america believe in something. this is about their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, and you know what? if you still don't get it in washington, maybe that explains why your poll numbers are so low, if you don't understand it in new york, maybe that's why you don't understand why your newspaper sales are going down and your news shows stink on ice. i have seen how awake you really are. my gosh, this country is starting to wake up and there is great hope. if anyone thinks it would be a good idea to turn violent, think again t would destroy the republic. i feel it with everything in me. we are going to make t it is going to be brutal, but we are going to make it, and the reason we're going to make it is because of people like you.
2:55 am
i will tell you, america, that i have thought about it an awful lot lately. i do think we're headed for real trouble. we have to remember who we are. we have to make our choices now before we are put into tough situations and we don't know how to act. we have to act with peace and love in your our hearts but with firmness. i have something to remind me what i believe in and what the times are. let me see if i can find this darn thing. here it s i wear these around my neck. one of them -- i wrote this down, and i wanted to have it with me all the time. it has three principles on it and i would ask that you remember what they are and start to maybe live them. one is "question with boldness." it is a line from thomas jefferson where he said question with boldness the very existence of god because if there are a god he must mon nor questioning rather than fear. the second is hold on to the truth, even if it is a truth
2:56 am
that you don't want to. believe me, i believe things now that i don't want to believe but i do because it's the truth as it is. it's the truth. question with boldness. hold on to the truth, and the last one, they could pull your fingernails out, it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter. question with boldness. hold on to the truth, and yeah.
2:57 am
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